A digital nervous system for
real-time monitoring

DFOS, a digital nervous system that connects your entire operation for real time data and decision making.
Revolutionize the way you sense. Imagine your operation as a digital nervous system where everything is connected, detecting minute interferences and optimizing the most complex systems. Gaining insights never-before considered, truly entering the 4th industrial revolution.

What is DFOS?

DFOS (Distributed Fibre Optic Sensing), employs coherent reflection techniques which uses laser ight backscatter phenomenon to covert optic fibre cables into arrays of thousands of highly sensitive sensing elements over lengths of +150km/channel with known location data. A scalable, well established and proven technologyto revolutionize the way you sense.

Real-time Applications

Complete Pipeline Monitoring

Mine ventilation and fire detection

Conveyor fire and condition monitoring

Electrical fire prevention

Strata safety and stability

Vehicle tracking & Security


Emergency Comms

Tailings and high walls

Research & Development

We are constantly pushing boundaries to create new possibilities, fusing already know applications and sensing technologies with digital fibre optic sensing solutions.

Tell us your problems, we create solutions!

Portable underground weight stations


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